Unforgetable leather down jacket, the Double Goose is a reference product on the «streetluxe» market. Real street armour, witness of the Eighties Hip Hop Movement, the Double Goose, the 'real one' is, now a heritage item.

After 15 years off the scene, creating a myth and various rumours, the brand Double Goose was back on the market with a new line inspired by its 'landmark' model the "V Bomber". Calf skin, goose down and possum fur collars, Double Goose created a collection that combines a rare functionality, durability and comfort.

Symbolising a universe, a culture and a whole generation, Double Goose continues, as it has done for the last thirty five years, to bring together and seduce the unconditional fans of the craftsmanship as well as the amateurs of collector items.

The Original Leather Jacket

Formerly considered as a real «armour», the Double Goose now privilidges ease and lightness, through its choice of materials and the assembling techniques.

Made in calf skin, stuffed with goose down, the Double Goose is designed in order to satisfy those clients in search of extremely high quality jackets. Tested in high cold conditions, it guarantees an undisputable thermal quality and absolute comfort.

Double Goose products have a strong aesthetic quality and a unique silhouette: possum collars for the softness (anti-freezing), marked rivets, threefold stitching and an inside embroidered label, as many distinctive signs that create a unique and timeless style.


Born at the start of the Eighties in New York, Double Goose rapidly benefits from the emergence of Hip Hop in the United States. Very quickly adopted by the movement pioneers such as Run DMC, LL Cool J and Rakim, the brand becomes increasingly fashionable with the 'connoisseurs'. The Double Goose becomes an international symbol.

Double Goose culture

Nowadays a generic term used for all leather puffer jackets, «Double Goose» crystalizes an urban and high class aesthetic. Much appreciated by consumers aware of quality, style and to historical codes linked to a make. Double Goose is a rare and urban fashion landmark.